Shoe Lab by Boaz is Central Florida’s premier choice for shoe, handbag, luggage and custom leather repair. We also provide alteration and tailoring services.
Over the years we have established ourselves as a renowned and highly reputable company, we have mastered the exquisite art of leather craftsmanship to revitalize your valuable accessories. Every shoe has a unique style and design, from its stitching to its patterns, layers and structure which differentiates it from others. It could be a stylish handmade Italian leather pair of shoes or more conventional mass produced machine stitched pair of shoes; no matter what type of shoe you wish to repair and restore, Shoe Lab by Boaz has experienced and highly proficient repair experts revitalize your valuable belongings.

Shoe Lab by Boaz Makes Shoes Better

A classic pair of shoes cannot be replaced, but in time even the best made shoes eventually yield to wear and tear; we understand your need for the restoration of those invaluable shoes, as well as the sentimental value attached to them. Our level of craftsmanship is at the highest possible level and we will retain the essence of your shoes while ensuring that it is in-tune with modern trends or we will maintain the classic look and feel of your shoes if that is your preference. Shoe Lab by Boaz can completely restructure your shoe from its sole right through to its buckle or laces and give you a brand new and positively modified pair of shoes. To achieve this we will use only the best quality materials available to provide you with the durability and comfort you deserve.

You Deserve More, Shoe Lab by Boaz Provides More

Apart from meeting your needs for the repair of your shoes, we also have expertise in the restoration of designer handbags, luggage and other leather goods. As a client of class and style you deserve to have your valuable designer handbags repaired and restored to their former glory so that you can enjoy its full service life. We will extend the service life of your belongings and our expertise ranges from the repair and replacement of the zips, press and clip locks to the repair of worn out and torn leather, as well as the re-stitching of your belongings with high quality threads materials depending on what is required to strengthen and bring out the aesthetic value of your belongings. No more spontaneous spending when you can maximize the use of your old shoes and handbags once they have been given an uplift by Shoe Lab by Boaz.